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Let it Snow! February 9, 2009

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Wintery PansyWe were feeling left out up here in north Britain so the weather kindly paid us a visit. (more…)


Dahlia & Impatiens November 18, 2008

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Orange Dahlia

Orange Dahlia

The picture doesn’t really do it justice as this Dahlia was much brighter and a deeper shade of orange. The dahlias were all planted together in one box (Shelly) along with Impatiens except for this one which was planted in the box next to it (Holling) and finally flowered when all the others had just about given up.

Shelly did really well with both the dahlias and the impatiens growing lots of lush green foliage. However flowering was sporadic and there were only ever four or five flowers on the go at any one time. The wind played its part here although the strong growth protected them from from the worst of it so that’s something to think about for next year. The impatiens didn’t really last as they took the brunt of the wind but their delicate white flowers were nice while they lasted and filled the front of the box well.