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Cactuses Updatesus May 11, 2009

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A cactus, yesterday.In a moment of profound weakness six weeks ago I filled up a seed tray with an odd mix of soil and sand, and planted some cactus seeds. Although I was aware that these could take some time to germinate I started taking a picture of the tray every day, even though I had no idea what I was looking for.

During those first few days any unrecognised lump or shift in soil seemed like it might be the imminent arrival of the first cactus seed. Well of course when the first seedling did make an appearance I realised that all those other possibles were nothing of the sort, just the eyes playing tricks on me.

It’s now been about seven weeks with the seeds kept in a moist and partially humid environment in an unheated propagator. There are now around 12 seedlings from 40 seeds although each of them are about the size of a very small stone. This really is an act of patience now just to leave them alone and take a look once in a while.

With all the regular seedlings now planted on into little pots the cactus seeds are enjoying the warmer environment of the heated propagator. I need to do a bit more reading on what the optimum conditions are for cactus seedlings but they’re kept wet and given lots of light. The reading I did do suggested lots of specialist conditions in everything from the type of soil and sand to use to the type of water (rainwater is best). I’ll admit to making the best of what I had rather than getting stuff especially so so far so good! Another update when they’ve grown a bit, which should be in about six months. 🙂


Gone To Seed February 3, 2009

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0341Oh look! A punning title.

Whenever I post a photo like this I expect someone to comment on what I’m doing wrong. In fact given that I really don’t know what I’m doing and I would happily take some good advice. I still get to judge what is good and what isn’t though!

After planting late last year I thought I would really get ahead of myself this year by attempting to grow a few plants from seed. In typical fashion I have likely over-reached my ability and have multiple packets of seeds ready to go. (more…)