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Watering November 25, 2008

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Watering CanThis is probably the thing I’ve found hardest to get right and has contributed to the failures of  a few plants by getting this wrong.

The first couple of books I looked at that mentioned watering had some pretty ambigious advice on when to water – mainly saying that you should water when it looked like you needed to. They also said that it wasn’t an exact science and you couldn’t rely on watering to a schedule. Some help that was or so I thought.

At first this seemed wrong. Surely boxes that were in similar positions could be watered on a regular schedule? Well, very quickly that idea disappeared. Local conditions clearly played their part. The amount of sun, wind and rain affected things. The type of plant affected things. The size of the box, the quantity of plants and the boxes ability to drain well affected things.

The pictures in the books and online weren’t that much of a help either. Plants that were over-watered seemed to display the same characteristics as those that were under-watered!

Having been unsatisfied with the results of sticking a finger into the soil to check (having no frame of reference to judge how damp the soil was) and (more…)