Northern Exposure

Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Wimbledon Colours March 26, 2009

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MaggieIt’s amazing how things have moved on over the last few weeks, even with a bit of a chill and then the coming of spring’s wind and rain. Here’s a little selection of pics of the progress of Maggie, the big window box that gets morning sun. (more…)


Let it Snow! February 9, 2009

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Wintery PansyWe were feeling left out up here in north Britain so the weather kindly paid us a visit. (more…)


Weekend Work November 16, 2008

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Late autumn and the last of the summer bedding plants are on their way out. Maggie’s two double petunias which flowered late, finally became too rotten to leave in and so out they came and the last of the winter pansies replaced them. The rest of that box is in ok shape although it’s probably been under-watered as it seems to dry out more quickly than others.

The Lobelia¬† has been a real surprise in this box, continuing to grow and flower much longer than the other half dozen plants that were planted across these boxes. The cyclamen has really benefited from the protection of the petunia that were either side so we’ll see how it copes now they’re gone.