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Colour November 27, 2008

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Window Boxes in Bloom

Let’s face it who doesn’t want a beautiful, flower laden window box or hanging baskets like those in this Flickr picture? OK, lots of people – but for those of us who do it can be difficult knowing just what colours to use and whether they will grow in the conditions you’ve got. It seems that everything in gardening is a bit of a compromise and so far for me, none more so than colour.

I think I convinced myself last summer that I was using a palette of reds and whites and that it would all look splendid even though I hadn’t really taken colour into consideration when I was planting. Of course once things started to flower it all looked far from planned although it was nice in its own way.

The Autumn bedding plants had a bit more thought put into them and not only are there far fewer varieties there’s also fewer colours. Red, cerise and purple Cyclamen are all planted sympathetically together and the Winter Pansies are all orange to provide a bit of brightness during the short Winter days.

It’s gone from one extreme (wide range of colours) to the other (restricted palette) and I would guess there’s a happy medium somewhere in between. Whether I can find this when the Summer comes around again and the choice of plant is expanded is another matter. And I haven’t even mentioned the surprise that awaits when the Spring bulbs start to push their way through in a few months.