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The Price of Colour February 24, 2009

Starter KitIt’s time for an admission. I have a small addiction. One that I’d like to share with you. I’m not proud of it you understand. No no. But it does come in handy.

I keep count of EVERYTHING I spend on the garden.

Yes. I know. I shouldn’t. The cost isn’t important is it? What’s that about the price of everything and value of nothing? Well, I hope there’s a balance that can be struck between those two.



Lobelia November 21, 2008

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This slightly out of focus picture is of the one trailing Lobelia that managed to really take hold. It’s now November and although the temperatures have been reasonably mild it has continued to flourish even with the long chill nights.

In a perfect world the half dozen plants would have spread and fallen over the front of the window boxes to give a cascading effect and break up the harsh look of the terracotta coloured, plastic containers from street level.

This specimen went from strength to strength when others around it started to fade with the coming of Autumn. A Celosia which had lasted well just behind the Lobelia finally needed to be removed and the Lobelia just marched right into its place and filled the gap in a number of weeks.

So they’ll be back next year and planted earlier to try and get them going more quickly and to see if they can give that overflow effect that would look so good.