Northern Exposure

Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Plants November 7, 2008

This is a quick list of the plants that have been used and how well they have worked. I didn’t plant the summer bedding’s until late June or early July (can’t remember when!) and therefore a lot of plants missed out on time to establish themselves.

Alyssum – Thought this would spread quickly and provide a nice white floor on the boxes but, except for one plant, it never really established itself.

Aster – Nice purple daisy-like flowers that I managed to ruin in about three weeks. Click the link for the full story!

Brachycome –

Celosia – Nice ornamental shape and vivid colour that handled the conditions very well.

Convolvulus –

Cyclamen – Planted in early Autumn and they’ve worked a treat for colour at a difficult time of year for flowers.

Dahlia – Took a while to flower but once they did they were lovely.

Dianthus – Started off nicely as flowering plant straight from the garden centre but failed to really thrive and stopped flowering earlier than expected. They’ve been left in to see if they come again next year.

Geranium –

Impatiens – Started off nicely and flowered profusely at first. Took a bit of a wind hit then got overpowered by the Dahlias and Petunias that were next to them and started to get straggly.

Ivy – Really thrived in the one box it was planted in. Gives exactly the kind of overflowing look it was intended to give.

Lobelia – Nice trailing version but in general they didn’t grow as quickly or trail as far as I hoped. Plant earlier next time.

Marigold (French) –

Nasturtium –

Pansy – Oddly hit and miss as I’m told you can’t fail with them. Well, I managed to! Once the got going, in one box in particular, they’ve been just great. Due to the wind their delicate stems needed staked to avoid constant breaking.

Petunia – Took a while to start flowering but lasted into November. Could do with more active management, i.e. prune them.

Petunia Mini Trailing –

Petunia Surfinia –

Sweet Pea –

Verbena –

Verbena Trailing –

Viola – Much the same as the Pansies although only really worked well in one box.

Zinnia – First flowers looked big and bold but the second batch were smaller and took a bit of wind damage.


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