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Weekend Work September 18, 2009

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The JungleBless the summer for its long days, warm temperatures and reliable ability to never live up to expectations. Childhood summers were much hotter, longer and drier, weren’t they? (I’m actually sure they weren’t but the collective consciousness suggests otherwise – or at least the mass media do).

In window-box gardening this means that with a minimal amount of care and attention (regular watering, occasional feeding) you too can end up with a small jungle within arms reach.

But all good things must come to an end. Finally having a bit of spare time to really get stuck in and have a good look at what was going on outside my window it was on with the gardening gloves and out with the secateurs. And boy, was there some work needing done!

Marigolds had suffered from a bit of neglect on my part – sometimes you just can’t water as much as required! – and some had given up the ghost. So after the picture posted here was taken, those sagging brown shapes in the middle were given the chop.

Left, right and centre leaves are turning yellow, particularly the nasturtiums. Anything that looked unsightly was ruthlessly dispensed with. Hopefully this will allow the remaining greenery to stave off the inevitable decline that little bit longer. Petunias were deadheaded and any obviously dying stems were also given the chop to let more resources go to the remaining healthy sections. Petunias are great trailing plants for window boxes but they get sticky and yucky as they die back so a quick prune seems like a good idea.

The nasturtiums have also become infested (I hate that word but in this case it’s the only way to describe them) by black aphid-like bugs. Having been left to their own devices for so long these bugs have well and truly taken over. Next year I really can’t leave it as long between interventions! It’s also a good reminder that early action can prevent hours of later reaction! I must have spent a good hour clipping bits of nasturtium off in an attempt to leave a few trailing tendrils of flowers. However I feel like I’ll be back there again this weekend to remove much more.

After a good couple of hours trimming, removing and tidying it was time for a well earned sit down and a cup of tea!


One Response to “Weekend Work”

  1. Flighty Says:

    It’s seems rather surprising that summer has passed by so quickly, and yes those from way back when did indeed seem like that!
    I’m sorry to read that your nasturtiums have been infested with black fly, especially as mine have done so well!
    A sit down with a cup of tea, and a couple of digestives, is welcome at any time!

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