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A View with a Room August 7, 2009

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Street ViewFinally remembered to take the camera out with me to get a few pictures of the window boxes from street level. As you can see (hopefully) they’re too overflowing to turn around from inside any more so they’ll stay like this until the frosts come back and it’s time for the winter clothes to return. After spending the first few months thinking months ahead now I’m trying to do the opposite and just live in the moment – dismissing all thought of colder, shorter days.

The pictures below show just how much the nasturtiums have taken over. They were all planted directly into the boxes from seed after my idea of transplanting from seedlings proved to be a failure. Seeing how quickly they’ve grown now however I know that next year I don’t need to worry about getting them off to an early start.

In fact next year it might just be as well to put some poor quality soil into the boxes with a few nasturtium seeds and get instant flower boxes. Apparently the worse the soil the more they flower. It would certainly be a lot less effort than my plan this year.

The picture from the inside is different though with the marigolds which are now invisible from street level, giving an extra layer of interest while many of the other flowers are hidden from view.


Joel Outside ...

... and inside

... and inside


Maggie Outside ...

... and In

... and In


One Response to “A View with a Room”

  1. Flighty Says:

    Window boxes really do make such a difference by adding interest to the view from both inside and outside.
    Many flowers if overfed will produce a lot of foliage at the expense of flowers!

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