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Sing a Rainbow July 29, 2009

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I was looking at all the colours in my windowboxes as I did my near daily inspection, and this little kids song popped into my head. Isn’t it odd that thoughts that have remained dormant for so long can suddenly be brought to life. The mind is truly a weird, wonderful and unbelievably complicated thing.



and Yellow


and Pink


and Green,

Nasturtium & Sweet Pea



and Purple


and Blue

Himalayan Poppy

I can blog a Rainbow, blog a rainbow, blog a rainbow too.

P.S. I cheated with the Blue picture which is a Himalayan Poppy that I happen to think is lovely. The rest are from my own garden, that pic is courtesy of pkdon50 on Flickr.


3 Responses to “Sing a Rainbow”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I smiled when I read this as it reminded me of someone I know who freely admits to singing her way around her garden!
    Lovely colours, and since blue is my favourite colour I like the poppy as well.

  2. Glo Says:

    Now I have the song running through my mind! ~

  3. Depending on circumstances I can sing as much as I want around my garden too! The tune stuck in my head for about two days which was quite enough thank you, nevermind having pictures too as well!
    I should have mentioned that I could have photographed the blue lobelia which is in costant flowering mode at the moment so I do have all the colours of the rainbow!

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