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Try, try again July 18, 2009

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It hasn’t all been a success story although the way the window boxes look at the moment I have no idea where I would have put anything else. It wasn’t the intention to grow everything from seed but unfortunately some seeds just didn’t work as well as others so they needed a bit of a boost from some shop-bought specimens like these pink petunias.

While I thought I was starting a bit early (looking back I see it was late Jan\Early Feb that I sowed my first geranium seeds) some of the seedlings still weren’t ready for planting out and ultimately I was too late in sowing Impatiens and Nemesia in particular. Neither really got going and by the time I was planting up the few that had made it into seedlings were much too weak for them to stand a chance.

Although a lot of the Brachycome did poorly and many were decimated by aphids, the ones that were strong enough to survive outdoors have done brilliantly. So perhaps not one to rely on but worth having a go. Now that they’re coming into flower (in a very sunny spot) I can’t believe that they were looking so weedy and slight just a few weeks ago. They look like mini shrubs or bushes now!

The nasturtiums prove to be fine when planted directly outside but did very poorly when grown indoors then transplanted. The outdoor varieties are unstoppable at the moment and need a bit of management to stop them taking over completely. The only problem is that as my soil mix and drainage is so good I think the conditions are too good for them and they have lots of huge leaves and not so many flowers. Maybe next time I’ll pop them in a box on their own and treat them poorly as this is supposed to make them flower more!

The verbena, like the brachycome, also got a bit straggly and were attacked by the aphids. But generally those that have survived outdoors have done quite well and found little gaps to put up their parachutes of purple flowers.

In then end I disposed of about twenty or thirty seedlings that were either too late to be useful, had fallen victim to aphids or a bit of both. As with all the growing this year though there’s been as much to learn from the failures as from the successes.


3 Responses to “Try, try again”

  1. Flighty Says:

    In many ways I think that we learn more from our failures than successes, especially if it’s a plant that that we’re determined to try again!

  2. Glo Says:

    By looking at that gorgeous colourful window box, it has been a great success, period! How lovely to be able to see all that colour at your windowsills ~ I wonder if anyone else might get an idea to brighten up their windows. Has anyone asked or talked to you about them?

  3. Flighty – yes there’s been a lot learned from those that didn’t make it as well as what has happened to those that did grow!

    Glo – there’s lots of colour now and everything is out of control – which is a nice time. Don’t think I’ve particularly inspired anyone. I did have a notion to spend some time building up a viewership so that people would maybe see how easy it is to brighten their own corner up but I just haven’t had the time to do the necessary posting. Hopefully though someone will stumble upon it one day and feel like they too can do it!

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