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Summertime July 16, 2009

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Daisy daisyLove this picture of a Livingstone Daisy (Mesembryanthemum) in full bloom. This only happens when it’s really sunny and mine in particular seem to want there to be long unbroken periods of sun before they’re willing to risk it. Even on a good day that’s a big ask.

This will maybe prove to be a bit of a jinx but the weather continues to be a huge help to my one foot wide garden. The sun (and showers) are very welcome, the warmth (but not stiffling heat) are helpful and most importantly, the calm airflow is a godsend. Even minor breezes can wreak havoc on a window box but through some good plant selection (only the nasturtiums rise above 18 inches and they can be persuaded to try a different route) and better luck every box is brimming over with flowers and foliage. When I get a chance I’ll take a few photos from street level to show how well everything is doing from down there.

Non stop flowersThe marigolds have flowered non-stop from before they were even planted out. The real crowd pleaser though has been the box pictured on the left here. This basically faces north so even with long sunny days and early sunny mornings it’s lucky to get a glimmer of direct sunlight. Despite this though there are a host of flowers and although you can’t see them on this picture the blue lobelia are tumbling over the edge of the box.

GeraniumWith marigolds, lobelia, petunia, livingstone daisies, verbena and nasturtiums all flowering somewhere in the garden the last plant to burst into bloom are the geraniums. As you can see from the picture this one is slowly coming into flower, one bud at a time. I’m a little impatient for two reasons. One is that, having grown them from seed it’ll be very rewarding to see them all the way through to flowering. But the second reason is that I’d hate for the weather to turn and catch them just before I get the chance to see them at their best. Fingers crossed that they speed up a little.


2 Responses to “Summertime”

  1. Flighty Says:

    It’s all looking so colourful which must be rather pleasing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the geraniums keep flowering!

  2. I think they must be the slowest flowering Geraniums ever. They’re still only half open at best.

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