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The Colour Purple July 14, 2009

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Verbena in bloomIt’s well and truly summertime now and mother nature has been kind to us here in Scotland. A bit of rain, some thunderstorms and a couple of windy-ish days but generally lots of sun, warm temperatures and a few really gloriously long hot days. My gut feeling is that it’s much better than last year which was my first year of having flower boxes. Getting the boxes into outdoor conditions in early June has meant that everything is well  established in the boxes and they’re now fighting it out for space.

When I planned the boxes I ruled out trying to create a colour scheme or bothering about the scents of the flowers as there’s was already enough to bother about with light conditions, type of plant, size, shape, etc.

Some time ago I said that I thought that purple and green worked surprisingly well together and perhaps subliminally I took that on board because there’s lots and lots of purple in the boxes.

DSC_0018The petunia surfinia are the main culprits as once they got rooted they spread off in all directions, poking their way between geraniums and asters and throwing up velvety purple flowers in every available space.

Adding to the mono-colour purple domination are the verbena (pic above). I’m quite proud of these as they were grown from seed, unlike the petunias which were shop-bought. I thought they had gone a bit straggly and the aphids really took a shine to them but they’ve survived and are now flowering all over the boxes.

DSC_0069Just to add to the purple-ness the brachycome have now come into flower and they too are the exact same shade of purple as they verbena and petunia. The dainty little daisy-like flowers are a welcome addition to the flower boxes and in truth they’re a nice contrast with the hot pink petunias alongside them.

But it’s funny that three plants have ended up with such similar shades of purple when I wasn’t trying to coordinate colours this year. Luck of the draw I guess!


2 Responses to “The Colour Purple”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I’m sure that I read somewhere, sometime, that purple was one of the more frequent flower colours.
    I’m always in two minds about colour combinations but generally don’t bother.
    You’ll obviously see what you like this year so that next year you can, if you so wish, makes changes to suit. Some gardeners stick to the same plants, and colours, whilst others are just the opposite.
    I would also mention that the scent, and foliage, is for many people as important as the flowers.

  2. Scent is the trickiest for a window box I think – not a lot of info unless you really have the time to do a lot of searching. Then you have to factor in the wind, size, spread and sun. I’ve really noticed the petunias being a bit odd smelling though and the geranium have a peculiar scent as well. The marigolds have been the best for smell and wildlife though as well as non-stop flowering since before they were even planted out!

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