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Grow Your Own July 1, 2009

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LobeliaThose of you who have followed this blog or have somehow stumbled upon it and read a few postings will know that I tried to grow the majority of my own plants from seed for the first time. To say it was a steep learning curve would be fair but as it’s hardly a question of life and death (well, except to the plants of course!) so if there were as many failures as successes then it was no big problem.

Anyway some things were easier to grow than others so I thought I’d put together a little list of how I did.

The picture above is of one of the two Lobelia seeds that actually germinated. I’m especially proud that they’ve made it and they’re growing bigger every day. Don’t know if I’d try to grow them from seed again as they’re so small and hard to keep going.

MarigoldsThe marigolds have been a real success story. After only getting four seeds from ten to germinate I tried again and got another four. They’ve been flowering for over a month and just keep getting better and better.

GeraniumThe geraniums were the first seeds to be planted and they’ve all done well. I’m a bit impatient for them to flower but on the last visit to the garden centre theirs weren’t in flower either so I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

VerbenaIn among the purple petunia flowers there’s a verbena hiding. Oddly the one verbena that’s in flower is still indoors in a little pot! The ones outdoors look just about ready to bud and bloom as well.

BrachycomeAvert your eyes from the striking pink flowers of the petunia and you’ll see the brachycome growing away on the left. The difference in how they’ve grown outdoors compared to the couple of straggly specimens indoors is quite astounding. After thinking they’d be lucky to last a couple of days I’m looking forward to them flowering soon.

Sweet PeaThis trailing version of the sweet pea has crawled its way to the edge of the window box. The two or three that made it beyond seedlings have been slow growers compared to others and are now getting buried beneath the foliage of the more voracious growers.

AsterLast on my little list of home grown marvels is this aster. This might have been the last day that it saw direct sunlight as the petunias and daisies have swarmed over, below and around it with each passing day. These took a couple of goes to get usable seedlings and they’re not growing too fast but with any luck they’ll grow stong enough to flower before the first frosts come!

So there’s my own “Grow Your Own” story. Not as filling as most but just as satisfying šŸ˜‰


2 Responses to “Grow Your Own”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I think that it’s worth trying to grow just about anything from from seed. You’ll soon find out what is worthwhile doing so and what is better bought as plants from the garden centre.
    Those marigolds look good, as do the yet to flower geraniums!
    Happy gardening!

  2. Good advice Flighty. Looking at the hand-reared lobelia now it’s difficult to remember just how tiny and fragile they were – they’re now flowering so it’s another success story. The marigolds on the other hand have have been rewarding from about five days after planting the seeds!

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