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Picture Post – Marilyn June 27, 2009

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In the beginningHere’s a little photo show plotting the progress of my newest window box. Made with a old plastic container I originally bought before I realised just how big my window ledges actually are. It looked oddly out of place so I bought some bigger deeper boxes and this got used as storage for a few months.

When I realised I’d overbought in the plant department it seemed like an ideal time to press this box back into service. And the bathroom ledge is smaller so it doesn’t look so out of place there.

The first step was to fill the box with some polystyrene to allow it to drain and my usual mix of compost, fertiliser pellets and water-retaining gel. The picture above shows the box with the two bright pink petunia surfinia plants and a couple of straggly nasturtiums. As with elsewhere the nasturtiums didn’t survive the move from indoor to outdoor.

Step 3Next step was to pack as many Livingstone Daisies as I could into the space that was left. This might not have been the wisest move but I hate to throw plants away and this was the only place to put them. I think there’s at least five planted here.

Living on the ledgeAnd with that done it was placed carefully onto a sunny window ledge to let the elements do their work.

MarilynA couple of weeks later the petunia were in bloom. This photo from the back …

In the pink… and this from the front. It’s so handy to have a garden you can turn around!


2 Responses to “Picture Post – Marilyn”

  1. Flighty Says:

    What a difference between the first and last photos! It’d always worth packing plants in as they usually don’t seem to mind and it generally looks better as well. If it does get a bit crowded then you can always thin them out. The other way round is obviously more probematical!

  2. Very true. I ended up throwing the last of my nursery plants out as there was nowhere to put them and they were much weaker than the plants that were already established. I also have a lantana that I couldn’t find a space for and has not done too well indoors.

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