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Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

New Addition June 25, 2009

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Livingstone Daisies

Livingstone Daisies

In late May when there were still gaps in some of the window boxes and it didn’t look like my nursery was going to provide any help the call of the garden centres became too much. As is the case when you food shop on an empty stomach and end up buying far more than you need, the same is true of plant shopping.

Having looked around my favourite garden centre the temptation to buy a couple of different plants was too much, even though I knew I really only needed six or eight plants to fill all the gaps.

After using all I needed this gave me about half a dozen Livingstone Daisies spare along with a couple of bright pink trailing petunias. As I was rooting about in my gardening box I remembered that I had a spare container that had been my first purchase last year. However I hadn’t ended up using it as it was much shallower and smaller than the ledges needed.

I also knew I had a spare window ledge though that this small box would fit perfectly. I’d previously ruled out putting anything on this ledge at it’s in the bathroom and therefore much less seen. But then I thought that the neighbours are the ones that really get to see everything anyway so why not.

After rigging up a bit of additional security to make sure the box wouldn’t fall on the neighbour’s garden (a bit of garden wire tied round two vine eye screws which acts as a retainer) and planting the box (which would go on the sunny side of the house) with the remaining daisies and petunia, the box was ready to go to its new home and bring more colour to a previously dull window ledge.

And just to keep the theme going it was of course named after another character from the old Northern Exposure TV show. Now there’s a Marilyn, to add to Shelly, Holling, Ed, Chris, Maggie and Joel – if I ever actually update those parts of the blog!


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