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Verbena June 19, 2009

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VerbenaThe weather’s been good for the last month and almost everything has had a chance to really bed in. Which is fortunate because the dreaded wind has made a return.

We’re not near to gale force yet but already anything that’s grown a little leggy had been gently reminded that hunkering down isn’t such a bad idea – even in summer.

The lovely candy stripe trailing verbena (pictured) have lived a charmed life and have been pushed back down to soil level. This might be ok if they decide to learn their lesson and grow over the box edge and head south.

The petunia surfinia have been flowering constantly for a couple of weeks and crawling into every available space. They’ve managed to provide some good ground cover and they too might be persuaded over the edge. If the wind hadn’t returned I might have started to pinch them back as they’re taking over a bit.

Still the decision to get everything planted while the weather was good has proved worthwhile and even if the wind strengthens there’s a good chance of survival for most plants.


2 Responses to “Verbena”

  1. Flighty Says:

    What nice summery colours that is! Fingers crossed that the wind returns to a gentle breeze and not into a raging gale.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. It’s a really pretty flower and you’re right, very summery. Luckily the winds have died down and everything has had a chance to recover. Hope the allotment is coming along well.

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