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Staying Buzzy June 15, 2009

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Mine .... all MINE

Mine .... all MINE

Rubbish pun but I had some visitors to the garden this weekend and managed to capture one as it made its way around the superstore.

Those of you with a aversion to bees or insect photographs might want to look away now although they were so small and pics taken from a comfortable distance that there’s not much to bother anyone.

I loved how this bee looked like it had its arms oustretched, keeping the flower all to itself.

Lunch timeThere were three or four visitors, or perhaps the same bee kept coming back. At first it didn’t stay long but by the third or fourth visit this bee hung around long enough for me to grab the camera and snap a few shots.

Time to goAnd then it was off back to doing other bee things.


3 Responses to “Staying Buzzy”

  1. Flighty Says:

    That’s good to see! I get lots on the plot and I find them interesting to watch. I take numerous photos of them but they’re mostly rather fuzzy.
    Look out for other visitors, such as ladybirds!

  2. Glo Says:

    That was one high-flying fuzzy buzzy bee ~ and you’re right, it seems delighted to have a marigold all to itself! Did you see bees last year on your window boxes, or is this the first sighting? I think they are fascinating to watch ~ and now you know you truly have a garden! Which window box is this one?

  3. I’ll get over the excitement of seeing a few bees, which of course is such a commonplace event that most people would hardly bother to mention is. As you say Glo – now it’s a proper flower garden. There were some caterpillars and a few moths last year but I’m not sure I remember bees visiting. They were really small though! Are bees getting smaller or have I just not been looking?

    Flighty – ladybirds would be great as there is a minor aphid problem on the verbena and brachycome. Even knocked some off the marigolds the other day and they’re supposed to protect against aphids. Very odd!

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