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TV or not TV? June 13, 2009

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Gratuitous Chrysanth PhotoThose of you in the UK will probably be familiar with the BBC programme, Gardeners’ World. As someone who can only claim a recent and passing interest in gardening I hadn’t appreciated what an institution the show was… or just how sharply it divides opinion. Any gardening forum seems to have a space reserved just for saying why they dislike this incarnation of the programme and how previous editions used to be better.

The Guardian newspaper’s website has had a couple of goes at giving their opinion on the show this year and sure enough, opinion is still divided.

In Scotland we have the Beechgrove Garden which is a more genteel and shorter show but I find is closer to my tastes. Both are worth watching and given the amount of ground (pun intended!) they try to cover I don’t quite get to the stage of wanting to throw things at the tv or write angry letters as some do, but then gardening (if we can call a few window boxes that) is just something I enjoy doing and that I don’t take too seriously.

Pehaps when the garden is your pride and joy and becomes an extension of your view of yourself you can get a bit more prickly about someone telling you “what’s hot and what’s not” about gardening.


3 Responses to “TV or not TV?”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I’m a longtime watcher of Gardeners’ World but sadly I’ve found this new series rather uninteresting and full of inconsequential items.

  2. sendacow Says:

    I still love it! Send a Cow were at the Gardeners World event last week at the NEC we had such a good time with our own garden! (which had loads of tips about how the keyhole garden enables families in Africa to grow veg all year round) We were really pleased we won a silver award – We’ve put up lots of pictures from the day and of our garden – (Send a Cow Blog)

  3. I quite liked last week’s show at their ‘Live’ event as there was a bit more practical advice and discussion. The regular shows try to pack too much in and are a bit gimmicky. They’ve also given themselves a problem by starting a completely new garden at Greenacre which means there’s less mess to sort out and fewer examples to show.

    The BBC message boards on the show are painful to read though 🙂

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