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Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Picture Post – Chris June 12, 2009

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Looking poorlyAfter the initial planting Chris was left with lots of small seedlings and not much chance of growth.

Filling UpAt least that was the excuse for picking up (read: buying!) some hot pink petunia surfinia to provide a bit of colour and wind protection.

Room For More?Then of course it wouldn’t hurt to fill in some of the other space, just for company you understand. So some mesembryanthemum, Livingstone Daisies to you and I,  found a new home. This sunny spot should suit them perfectly.

Flower ONNow there’s hardly a space left. The petunias are starting to flower, the pansy has survived the winter and is still going strong. The brachycome and sweet pea are starting to thicken up while the nasturtiums did as badly here as elsewhere. Watering might be an issue as the daisies quite like drought so perhaps the key is to find a happy medium or just accept that one half will inevitably do better than the other.


One Response to “Picture Post – Chris”

  1. Flighty Says:

    The contrast between the first and last pictures is amazing!

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