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Off the Scale June 3, 2009

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Off the ScaleSo now I know why I need to take good care of the watering during the summer – or at least those days that count as summer up here.

This photo was taken at the weekend with the guage on the outside of the window in the sun. If the picture is too difficult to see lets just say the needle if off the scale – above 120F or 50C.

Even allowing for the cheapness of the product it was seriously warm.

I guess this is what the plants and soil have to deal with, rather than the actual air temperature.

And yes, I do need to clean my windows!


2 Responses to “Off the Scale”

  1. Flighty Says:

    That seems rather too hot! Regardless of temperature watering is always a problem to get right, but should never be neglected especially in warmer weather.
    As for cleaning windows you should see mine!

  2. Having more confidence in the drainage of the boxes and a little more experience has meant I’ve been more willing to keep them well watered during this hot spell. There’s really no substitute for experience is there?

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