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Supplemental June 1, 2009

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Something borrowedOK. So. I’m feeling a little guilty. Maybe a bit like the homebaking contestant who turns up with a magnificent  shop-bought cake?

Eventually I succumbed to the attraction of all those lovely, lush, healthy looking garden centre plants. Even though we all know that beauty is only leaf-deep, poor Chris needed pepping-up and they looked so right just sitting there in their neat rows of polystyrene. Instant solutions, available for such a small price.

Excuses, excuses! I know! Still, I can justify and rationalise it ’til the cows come home. Summer is so short, sometimes a bit of an artificial boost is what’s needed. No? And why not take advantage of the long light days and make sure there’s a bit of colour over the next couple of weeks – weather permitting.

So now Chris has some lovely petunias and a whole host of Livingstone daisies (mesembryanthemum for the more formal among us. This always sounds like a pre-historic period to me. Just after the dinosaurs, came the mesembryanthemum period where the world was populated by daisies!), which are odd looking, rubbery leaved-things but have nice colourful flowers. Just the job for a sunny window sill – even if they haven’t been ‘home-reared’!

P.S. Having to water everything twice a day at the moment as it’s so consistently hot!


2 Responses to “Supplemental”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I don’t think that you should feel guilty at all!
    One down-side of hot weather is the watering that has to be done!

  2. It’s only mild guilt. The petunias were part of my longer term thoughts, I hadn’t seen any seeds so that was ok. Going back later for more and then actively seeking the daisies felt a bit like cheating 😉

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