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Planting .. Maggie May 27, 2009

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O'ConnellI shouldn’t really admit to having favourites but Maggie was my first window box and sits proudly on the longest window ledge in the house, facing front and looking out on the world. This position gets a gentle touch of morning sun but from late morning only benefits from reflected light rather than direct sun. If I was more experienced I’d be able to tell you what flowers would be best for this type of spot but I’m not, so it still trial and error for this year.

At 30″ inches long it’s also one of the two (along with Chris) big boxes and you can really pack the plants into them. Even with all my seed growing since January there still wasn’t enough good quality plants to cover all the boxes but Maggie had to get her fair share.

ReadyThe marigolds form the centrepiece of this box with a couple of geraniums either side. Hopefully these will provide a bit of mutual shelter and support for each other on those windier days to come. A mix of peach and day-glo nasturtiums surround the outside of the box and a lovely purple-flowering bacopa takes pride of place in the front. Taking up the remaining space are two verbena.

The bacopa is already in flower and is spreading off in every direction. A bit of pinching out is required to keep it from completely taking over but that’s not easy when other plants are looking a bit fragile.

The marigolds are also in bloom and it’s a bit surprising that they all have a different mix of orange and burgundy colours on the flowers. Having had a look at others on Flickr though it seems like they have a traditional lack of uniformity about them. They look pretty though.


4 Responses to “Planting .. Maggie”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I think that it’s human nature to have favourites. Most gardeners will have areas, and or plants, that they like best.
    Marigolds are like that, which is all part of their charm!

  2. They smell lovely as well! Yet to see any wildlife hang around but these are my secret photography weapon.

  3. Glo Says:

    Here’s to Maggie! She’s lovely, and hopefully will bring you many hours of sunshiny happiness as she continues to blossom 🙂 What kind of wildlife are you hoping for?

  4. Yes, wildlife might be pushing the definition. An occassional butterfly might be nice and I’m ok with bees now I understand they’re responsible for about a third of our food supply! I did see one ladybird last year.

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