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Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Planting … Joel May 26, 2009

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NoodlesI think it would be fair to say that the marigolds were both planted too shallow and more than ready to be planted elsewhere.

This picture of the extensive root system was repeated in all eight of the marigolds that were grown from seed. It’s quite satisfying to see just how much they’ve developed and they must like the conditions they were grown in. Some others like the nemesia and convolvulus haven’t fared so well while the verbena and brachycome have grown quite slowly and are still weak even though they’ve had lots of light and heat.

JoelAs with other boxes at this side of the house, the marigolds and geraniums lead the planting scheme with other plants making up the accompaniment. In this case it was a couple of sweet peas and a few day-glo nasturtiums that will hopefully provide some contrast.

This box didn’t drain well last year and often seemed to be wet when others were drying out. I was tempted to drill extra holes in it to aid drainage but decided to see what happens with the new soil mix, whcih should drain better now that there’s some vermiculite mixed in. There’s also a thicker layer of drainage material in the bottom as well so it’ll be interesting to see if this makes the difference. Everything is still experimentation when you have less than a year of gardening experience behind you!

And as you can see, after starting in the evening sunlight it was pitch black by the time I’d nearly finished.


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