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Planting … Ed May 25, 2009

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Mini PalmsIt really was dark by the time I’d finished with Ed but this suits his temperament. Poor thing, he spends most of his time literally in the shade with hardly an ounce of direct sunlight to brighten up those corners.

With that in mind the geraniums were left for other boxes but, more in hope than expectation, three strong looking marigolds were planted. I really hope they flower as they would provide a nice consistent look across the three boxes at this side of the house, but if they don’t then it’ll be another little lesson learned and something to consider again next year.

Easy Planting SchemeBy this time I’d realised that it was easier to break the soil up a little, arrange the plants in the pots, then fill the gaps with top soil. This way they created enough space to just pop them out of the pots and plant directly into the box. A bit of firming into place, a good soak, and hey presto! instant window boxes!!

Two brachycome were added to this box and although they were the strongest specimens they looked lost when planted out. Likewise two lobelia, which are a real pain to grow from seed but which eventually grew quite well, also look very fragile on the outside edges.

The box was finished off with the day-glo nasturtiums which are supposed to give a tumbling display of bright red and yellow flowers which spill over the edge of the box. Again, it might be that these need to be supplemented by a few more seeds sown in strategic gaps.


4 Responses to “Planting … Ed”

  1. Flighty Says:

    Any garden areas that receive little or no direct sunlight are difficult for gardeners.
    Clearly as you progress the way you do things will become easier, and take less time.

  2. Glo Says:

    Poor old Chris and Ed ~ you’ve got me feeling sorry for them ~ but I’m sure, rather than have my sympathy, they’d prefer some encouragement ~ so here goes…

    Come on Chris and Come on Ed
    You can do it ! Look ahead,
    Smell the breeze and breathe it in!
    Radiate ~ your power’s within 🙂

  3. Lovely Glo, I think it’s working (along with a little bit of retail therapy). It’ll be interesting to see the difference that full sun and daylight has on similar plants but next year I might look extra hard for some plants that don’t mind the shade so much.

  4. Glo Says:

    That’s a thought ~ begonias and impatience might work well, along with trailing lobelia. The tuberous begonias can be kept for coming years by putting their tuber in something dry for the winter. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how your window boxes fare this year~

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