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Planting … Chris May 23, 2009

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The Line-upI really do feel a bit bad for Chris. Out there on his own ledge, doing his own thing, travelling the path less travelled. And in this case, getting a random mix of everything that wasn’t getting used somewhere else.

The phrase ‘runt of the litter’ might be a bit harsh but the reality is that this is where all the strong, well-developed plants ran out. No geraniums, marigolds or shop-bought plants here. Instead it was a rather sad mix of verbena, asters, sweet pea and brachycome – none of which looked truly ready to flourish outdoors.

Unfortunately for them, and for Chris, this has become my experimental box. The remaining seedlings were basically split 50/50 between being planted outside and remaining indoors on the sunny ledge. We’ll see how they compare in a couple of weeks.

Ta da!Following the same procedure as before some holes were dug, the pot was used to make an appropriate sized space, the seedlings were tapped into hand, planted in the hole and gently firmed into place with new soil over the top.

The trailing nasturtiums are hanging over the front of the box and just a few days in I can report that they aren’t handling the move very well. Fortunately they grow quickly from seed and I have about half the seed left so it might be a bit of remedial work is required soon.

As you can see, even with the remaining pansy which has survived over winter, it’s a pretty poorly looking set of plants. By this time the light was fading too and I did think about leaving the boxes inside for the night. But it was mild outside and I decided that another day inside wouldn’t really make any difference, so out he went to fend for himself!


3 Responses to “Planting … Chris”

  1. Flighty Says:

    All gardeners have a patch that is like this!

  2. Glo Says:

    I think Chris will rise to the challenge ~ after all he’s come this far! 😉

  3. Impatience got a hold of me and I felt bad about dumping everything into one box. So Chris got a spiffy makeover courtesy of a guilty visit to the garden centre. Sometimes pragmatism takes precedence over hope!

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