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Planting … Holling May 22, 2009

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Holling We’ll start off with a prettier picture this time as there’s only so much scratchy handwriting that’s interesting.

Here we have the finished window box which looks an awful lot scrappier than the lovely ones in the window box book I reviewed a while back. That book has lots of healthy, upright and flowering plants pictured in folksy locations and they really are a joy to look at.

This blog however is the ‘warts and all’ variety of gardening so here we are, at the end of lots of planning, growing and tlc, and yet it still looks like a bunch of plants have been hapharzardly thrown into a plastic container. Ho hum!

I started out again with a 18″ long box, two-thirds full of soil, fertiliser, moiture-crystals, vemiculite and polystyrene. I think you’ve probably seen enough photos of what that looks like for me to skip that little step.

The PlanNext the plants were laid out so I would get them all in order.

Mid-plantingStarted with the geraniums again and added some verbena this time – although they look too straggly at the moment and their roots weren’t nearly as well developed in the small pots as the geraniums had been. I also managed to confuse myself here and plant an extra geranium which left me one short later on. You can just make out my planting holes in this picture too which helped me space everything out properly.

On DisplayThe box was finished off with a shop-bought trailing verbena to see how it compares to my home-grown ones, the final trailing petunia and a red nasturtium, well, just because it was there.

A final covering with top-soil to fill the gaps and bring it up to about an inch below the top of the box, then a thorough watering and this too was ready to go to the sunny side of the house.

Sunny Side UpHonestly – this IS the sunny side!


3 Responses to “Planting … Holling”

  1. Flighty Says:

    Anything just planted wherever never looks much good and needs a few days to bed in. Give it all a week or two and it’ll look much better once everything starts growing.
    I was thinking of you today when I took the bulbs out of my plot patio box! I shall probably sow some alyssum and nasturtium seeds in it .

  2. Glo Says:

    Nice job on the planting! As Flighty says, it won’t take long before they grow, fill in and start blooming. Once outside, the plants won’t have to ‘look’ for light as much as they did indoors (hopefully 😉 If anything is too leggy, you can always pinch the top off so that it may branch out.

  3. Folks – I quite liked the alyssum last year but it just wouldn’t grow quickly enough! Going on this week’s growth (or lack of it) I’d say sowing Nasturtiums straight into the box is the better way. I’ve been pinching and proding over the weekend and things are getting into shape 😉

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