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Planting the Window Boxes II May 19, 2009

Petunia SurfiniaHaving gathered everything together, and concocted a planting scheme, the next step was to systematically work my way through each box, trying not to mix everything up on the way.

Counting all the possible seedlings and plants, I had 105 plants at my disposal, six of which were shop-bought. The geraniums and marigold, which had been on the go for the longest time, were quite sturdy and matched up well to the purchased plants. Others like the verbena, brachycome and nasturium were much smaller and leggier.

This made me wonder whether I was doing the right thing in planting them now but I didn’t think they were going to improve much more being kept inside rather than being outside and having time to root properly so these five plants made up the core of my planting scheme. Overall I knew I needed about 75 plants so the remaining ones would be kept as spares and will provide a comparison in terms of development.

Next step was to make up some more soil mix which would fill up the boxes once the new plants were planted.

Clumpy Soil

It started off with about 16 litres of clumpy peat-free multipurpose compost.

Unclumped SoilThis was given a thorough forking to break it up, sometimes this necessitated breaking it up by hand when some bits just refused to break down.

Soil RecipeFor the top soil I just mixed in vemiculite for drainage and slow-release fertiliser which I think will keep the boxes well fed. I left out the moisture crystals here because they have a tendency to bob to the top or sit above the soil when they’ve been watered. This doesn’t look very attractive and I’m not sure it’s very helpful either so they’ve effectively been buried about two inches deep where they should still do their job.

Healthy Soil MixSo after a healthy mix of ingredients we were ready to get on with the planting!


5 Responses to “Planting the Window Boxes II”

  1. Leafyleith Says:

    Just been reading your last few posts. I am most impressed with your marigolds. They look superb already. Have you grown then from seed?

  2. Glo Says:

    Rubbing hands together! Oh boy, now comes the fun part!

  3. LL – Yes! Thanks. They are looking good although now they’re outside we’ll see how long they last!.
    All grown from seed sown in February – so they’ve had the longest time to grow along with the geraniums. Here’s a link to one of my earlier posts with a pic of the seedlings.

    Glo – Promise I’ll get round to posting the stage-by-stage pics over the next few days!

  4. Flighty Says:

    I’m impressed with the number of plants that you have for your boxes!

  5. Hi Flighty – it seems like a lot but some are very hit and miss (nasturtiums) and many others are quite weedy so I’m not sure if they’re strong enough to survive outside. A few spares will likely come in handy – as will the garden centre 😉

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