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Weekend Work – Part 4 May 15, 2009

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The Box - ReloadedThis is turning into a bit of a mini-series but I wanted to go into some depth about replanting the boxes. Partly so that I can refer back once I see how things develop and partly in case any new gardeners stumble upon the site and want to know about each stage.

I was largely inspired to write this blog because I couldn’t find the kind of advice I wanted online so thought I’d share my experiences as I went so that others could perhaps could get the benefit.

Briefly to recap – at this point I had removed all the old plants, thrown away any soil that had pests (aphids mainly) or any virus during the last year (the Aster had mould) and given the boxes a good wash and dry.

One by one then the nice clean boxes were filled with chunky bits of polystyrene to allow for good drainage. I have read some advice that suggests plastic containers don’t need anything to help with drainage, except for the standard holes, but my experience hasn’t confirmed this, so in went the polystyrene.

Chunky FillerFinally the boxes were filled with my mix of soil, vermiculite, fertiliser granules and moisture crystals. Who knows how this work out, only time will tell. It should be free draining so I’ll need to keep on top of the watering.

By this time it was getting late, too late to start planting, so the boxes got filled about two-thirds full, placed back on their ledge – resting on chunks of polystyrene to allow airflow around the box and let them drain properly (who knew polystyrene was so versatile!) – and given a thorough soaking to let everything settle into the box.

Now all I had to do is decide where everything was going to get planted. That might be another mini-series all of its own!

Ready for Planting


3 Responses to “Weekend Work – Part 4”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I have to say that all your preparation deserves to result in wonderful looking bloomery later on!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Glo Says:

    Agreeing with Flighty! Sounds and looks like the perfect foundation mixture for a great start ~ I’ve just been reading a magazine article called ‘Can’t Contain Myself’… thought it quite witty and that you’d enjoy the humour of the title The author was writing about container gardening and advised slow release fertilzer and crystals like you are using. Also to “pack ’em in”… the plants that is. Unlike planting a garden, window boxes that are filled to the brim can be spectacular! Good luck with the planting, and look forward to following the progress.

  3. Thanks – inexperience added to indecision is not a good combination for using time effectively. After reading this blog anyone who previously might have thought about popping a little box onto their sunny ledge will give up on the idea! Not quite what I had in mind!!

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