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Keeping it Short May 8, 2009

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Marigold BudsThese posts have been turning into essays recently haven’t they? Shall we try to be briefer and keep to the point for a while? Why not.

Like keeping the posts shorter to encourage growth, I’m reminded by nature this week for the need to keep the flowers shorter as well. It went from airy to breezy to gale force in a matter of hours early in the week and the gauge has stuck there ever since. I can’t think of worse conditions, barring late frost, to be planting out. So everything, including me, has stayed indoors. I sympathise with all those who have allotments and proper gardens which will be taking a beating at the moment.

Fortunately I’m much more patient when I have fewer options – there’s no decision to take at the moment in regard to planting so it’s just a case of tending to the seedlings and waiting for a gap in the weather. Then I’ll be back to being unsure of my ground – will the verbena really go with the geraniums? How many plants should go into each box? Are the brachycome really strong enough to prosper outdoors yet?

One plant that has done really well indoors is the French Marigold. At this rate I’ll be putting them out after they’ve flowered so I hope that they aren’t too tender. Marigold’s look somehow old-fashioned and I wouldn’t have bothered with them if I hadn’t seen them looking so good in another window box. I can’t remember if they were in the city or just in a picture online but they had such a strong colour and shape to them that they seemed the ideal window box flower.


One Response to “Keeping it Short”

  1. Flighty Says:

    It’s been unsettled here as well for most of this week. Windy condtions can certainly take their toll on gardens and plots, including mine!
    I like French Marigolds, and I think that they’ll do well for you.
    Have a good weekend!

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