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Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Weekend Non-work April 27, 2009

The Public ViewSo when it came down to it I chickened out of planting everything this weekend. Instead the boxes that will get completely re-done have been left to do their own thing – which is mainly to do nothing with the supposedly dwarf tulips, which ended up growing to about 12 inches, still looking lush and healthy. The won’t even die back despite my neglect. The others got a quick tidy up which consisted of deadheading the pansies.

After looking at the weather forecast it looked like it’s going to be a colder and wetter week and I just didn’t think that was a good way to start the still-tender seedlings off. As much as I think the garden centre plants have been pushed along, and are therefore a couple of weeks further on than my seedlings, the brachycome, verbena and sweet pea still look very weak. I just didn’t have the confidence that planting them today would give them the best chance of survival.

If I’d had the time I might have decided exactly what I wanted to plant and where. And the geraniums and french marigolds are certainly strong enough to have been put out whatever the weather. But I’m still hedging my bets and didn’t want to make a half start then find I’ve totally changed my mind – all too likely I’m afraid.

As a result I’ll just have to live with the nasturtiums growing me out of house and home. I’m trying not to think about it but it might be that the best thing to do is plant the remaining seeds into the window boxes and do something else with the seedlings. We’ll see. I have a lot of trouble thinning out seedlings never mind actually disposing of plants so it might be that I just transplant them and take it from there.

At some point in the week I will have to thin out the nemesia seedlings as they’ve been much more successful than the last batch and I over-sowed in the little one inch pots. And the rest of the seedlings in the heated propagator could do with potting on.

I also did an inventory of everything I’ve grown and once I get over the slight embarrassment of just how much is there maybe I’ll share this with everyone. There are quite a lot for only six window boxes though!


2 Responses to “Weekend Non-work”

  1. Flighty Says:

    What an enjoyable read!
    It’s good to see your window boxes from the outside! Those tulips are definitely not dwarf ones, which tend to grow no more than six/eight inches tall.
    It’s always better to delay planting and sowing if the forecast isn’t good. I always check the weather for the week ahead, as do most gardeners, so that I can plan what I hope to do. Let’s hope that the good weather returns for next weekend as it seems that we’ve both got lots to do!

  2. I swear the packet said dwarf! If those are dwarf though, etc…. 🙂
    Well spotted on the window boxes being mine. I’ve cheated a bit though as this picture is from a couple of weeks ago when the tulips were in bloom. It’s all just foliage now.
    Enjoy the pottering!

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