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Naughty Nasturtiums! April 26, 2009

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Nasturtium forestThe boxes are a bit bereft of colour at the moment although the foliage from the spring bulbs is still quite lush and pretty in its own way. But the time for change is clearly drawing close.

I had intended to do all my replanting next weekend what with the bank holiday on the Monday, but I’ve had my hand forced by some impetuous decision making on my part and a propagator’s worth of nasturtiums that have been on fast forward for a week.

I read the advice on nasturtiums which basically said they can be sown straight into the window box when the time is right. Thinking that they would take some time to germinate I decided to plant some, well ummm, 40 actually, into a seed tray to give them a little head start. I did this in full knowledge that the advice also said that the seedlings don’t like to get moved so I take full responsibility for what happens next.

Having left them for a few days I returned and had one of those odd mixed emotions when I popped the lid off the propagator to see how they were doing. There was delight at seeing how many of the seeds had germinated – about three quarters so far. Then there was that sinking feeling which roughly translated meant “whoops, didn’t expect THAT to happen. What am I going to do with these for another week?”

Within another couple of days the propagator lid has had to come off permanently and they seemed to be visibly bigger everytime I look at them. Their roots are also growing just as quickly and some have worked their way through the drainage holes and are off to who knows where! It’s like Day of the Triffids!

So unless I want them to be dangling over the entire room I need to make some decisions quickly. After all the time I’ve spent idly thinking about what plant to put where, and what would look best with what, I’m now faced with having to make some decisions on the hoof and see what happens. Should I experiment with some plants just to learn a bit more for next year? Should I try to keep colours together? Do I even know what colour some of the plants’ flowers are?

Oh well – time to roll the dice and see what happens.


3 Responses to “Naughty Nasturtiums!”

  1. Glo Says:

    I got the giggles when I read this! I just have this picture of someone looking delighted at discovering such success, and then the dismay as the realization hit! I think you’d better open your own nursery and start spreading your plethora of seedlings around! I’ll keep tuned to check on the results of the rolling dice ~ to see if their number’s up! 😉

  2. Not far off! It was the look of a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar – followed by some un-kid-like mutterings! They’ve been pushed into a darkened corner and forgotten about for a week.

  3. Flighty Says:

    Far better to have too many than too few! Rest assured that most gardeners who grow from seed have the same problem on occasions. Have fun whatever you end up doing!

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