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Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Between Seasons April 15, 2009

Anemone Blanda

Anemone Blanda

I seem to have found myself between seasons at the moment. The tulips and crocuses were a welcome blast of spring colour after the dark nights of winter but all too soon they have fizzled out. The pansies and anemone are doing their best to keep things colourful and there’s plenty of foliage to make it colourful.

The seedlings from the indoor nursery are coming along nicely but it’s still a bit early to plant them out. Instead they’re getting a bit of hardening up by sitting on a sunny (sometimes) and bright window ledge in front of a slightly open window.ย  The hope is that a storm doesn’t blow in while I’m away and ruin all that, well… all that waiting really. Sow, water, wait and worry – there really isn’t much more to seeds than that, is there?

Having decided to wait until early May to plant everything out all the remaining seeds and seedlings are getting a chance to make a contribution. So as well as the healthy Geranium, French Marigold and Verbena that are gently growing away, there are Sweet Pea, Aster, Lobelia, Impatiens and Brachycome in various stages of growth.

Last Tulip of Spring

Last Tulip of Spring

As I’m always a bit worried about plants not getting enough ofย  growing season in these northern climes I succumed to temptation and planted three varieties of Nasturtium seed. There’s one trailing variety (dayglow mix) and two regular (peach melba and ruby kisses) and I did read that the seedlings don’t really like being transplanted so there are still some backup seeds if these don’t take well. One thing the packets don’t say, but all the online advice does mention, is that nasturtiums flower better in poor soil. My intention is to spread them over two or three boxes and see how they do. This might help a bit in clearing up which boxes are better prepped than others.

And on that subject the intention is to completely clean out a couple of the boxes. One really doesn’t drain well (hands up, Joel) despite the extra holes I drilled last year so I can only think the soil or amount of crocks isn’t good enough. The other has a bit of an aphid problem (that’s you, Maggie) and given that there’s n plants to really keep into summer except a nice ivy, it’s going to get cleaned out and re-soiled – is that even a word?


5 Responses to “Between Seasons”

  1. Glo Says:

    Sow, water, wait and worry
    Checking dates, but not to hurry
    Keeping stats to count and measure
    Some cause grief, but most bring pleasure
    Flowers fade whilst Gardener scrambles
    Through his packets ~ chooses, gambles
    Sowing two or three together
    Taking care, aware of weather
    Between seasons, clipboard ready
    Patience called for, holding steady!


  2. Bravo! That’s quite the talent!

  3. Glo Says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you liked it. It was your “Sow, water, wait and worry” that my muse took a shine to!

  4. Flighty Says:

    All gardeners have such between moments, and all certainly wait and worry! Nasturiums tend to grow, and flower, anywhere regardless of the soil they’re in.
    I like that anemone picture!
    Glo’s poem is brilliant, made me smile and is so true!

  5. Thanks Flighty – there’s a bigger version on my Flickr photo page.

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