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Seed Stroke April 8, 2009

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Bleached soilSo I have to confess to my first rookie mistake in the seed factory. At some point in the mid-afternoon last week, as the sun blazed through the window, I remembered that I’d left the heated propagator switched on, sitting inside on the window ledge, at the sunny side of the house with the cover full on and the vents closed. In fairness I did feel bad at that moment and rolled my eyes at my own stupidity. Some hours later when I lifted the lid I will also admit to a slight stifled laugh at the carnage this simple mistake had caused. Well if we can’t blame anyone else (really – sunny spring days in northern Britain – who thought THAT would be the problem?!) we might as well laugh at ourselves.

Unfortunately the fail-count is 8 1/2 Sweet Pea, 9 Nemesia, 5 Lobelia (which were proving just as rubbish as the last lot), 5 Aster (also proving impossible to grow – radiation treatment or not) and 9 Impatiens.

Until this major misjudgement I’d been pretty good with the propagators – moving them into the light and turning the electric one off in the morning, then moving them back from the chill window and applying the heat again in the evening. It just reminds me what a delicate bsuinesses this whole seedling thing is and gives me a kick up the backside to pay attention in future. The ambient temperature is probably good enough to do without the heated prop now although I’m always aware of how suddenly temps can drop again so after a bit of repotting (while I’m typing this) and reseeding I’ll start them off again and keep the fingers crossed that nature forgives me this one goof.


4 Responses to “Seed Stroke”

  1. Flighty Says:

    All gardeners make mistakes but good ones learn from them!
    Have a good Easter!

  2. Well, I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I do something daft like this. Maybe after a couple of times I’ll learn 😉

    Enjoy the holiday.

  3. Glo Says:

    I was thinking back to your tulips that got a beating from the wind ~ and all mine have been chomped off by deer or rabbits ~ at least you don’t have that problem! As for the rookie mistake, on the bright side ~ you had some sunshine 🙂 I know people who tend greenhouses have to be aware of the conditions, opening and closing windows/vents etc. It’s hard trying to emulate Mother Nature! Best of luck, and wishing you a happy Easter.

  4. […] the same manner and after-care will be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions (unless of course I leave the seeds in a heated propagator in front of a very sunny window!) Basically my modus operandi is that of a white-coated lab assistant – preparing the seed trials […]

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