Northern Exposure

Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Planting for summer April 3, 2009

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Summer Colour

Photo courtesy clairegren on Flickr

I’ve had to borrow a picture for this post as I don’t really have any of my own window boxes last summer. My first box was planted in the middle of June and it wasn’t until late July that I got round to the DIY work required to get the final boxes safely onto their respective ledges. So by the time my flowers were getting going summer was almost over. This year I’m planning to get an early start and then keep the fingers crossed and the camera ready.

There’s a nice archive post on the Guardian’s website about what to plant now in order to get those bright summer blooms that make everyone feel so much better. And unusually it starts off from the point of view of getting containers going.

The gardening sections of the media, especially online, are quite good and cover a huge range of topics from allotments to show gardens. But the container and window box aspects tend not to get that much coverage and certainly not in any great detail. Which of course was one of my main motivations in committing my overthought ramblings to print!


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