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Doorway Gardening – Spring Version April 2, 2009

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Container Gardening - City StyleBack in February I posted a picture of a doorway that was festooned with containers and plants of all shapes and sizes. I happened to be in the area again at the weekend and luckily had my camera with me.

As you can see the whole stoop was in bloom. It’s an impressive sight, especially as the neighbours haven’t joined in the fun. So it’s a real eye-catcher. I still don’t know how they don’t get silently stolen but then perhaps even the thieves recognise a little part of the city worth leaving alone.

Here’s the picture I took earlier along with a similar shot from the weekend.

Doorway in winter

Doorway in Bloom


2 Responses to “Doorway Gardening – Spring Version”

  1. Flighty Says:

    That sure looks impressive. I bet most people who walk past slow down, or stop, to take a look.

  2. It’s so unusual in this area. There are some who have very grand containers guarding the doorway and there’s plenty of boxus around but this hotch-potch of containers and colour is a real stand out.

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