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Wind + Time = Damage March 31, 2009

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Wind-Damaged TulipsOne of the first things I realised when the window boxes went out last year is how the wind can affect all that good planning. Forget all the great write-ups about how lovely a plant’s flowers are or how they attract bees, butterflies and other bits of nature – what I really needed to know is how big they grow and whether they can stand up to a force 10 gale!

As the pic on the right shows, the tulips have taken a battering over the last two weeks. I was so lucky to see them in the first few days when the weather was calm and their blooms opened wide to catch the sun’s rays.

Since then it’s been a bit blowy and they’ve suffered accordingly. Even in the really calm days there is often still a breeze and this gets multiplied on the seriously windy days. The buildings all around create strange eddy currents that all seem to focus on my window ledges, rattling the frames and bashing the poor flowers about like a heavyweight boxing match.

Tulips in the sunWhen I chose spring bulbs I deliberately went for dwarf versions or any that suggested they wouldn’t grow too tall. The  last week has demonstrated that this was a good decision.  But even though I tried the winds have still found their victims. It’s clearly a battle I’ll never win so the summer planting will have to take this into consideration.  Lots of mutual support, foliage and low expectations will help.

In the meantime here’s a picture of those same tulips in happier, sunnier and much calmer times!


2 Responses to “Wind + Time = Damage”

  1. Flighty Says:

    Wind can be such a problem for all gardeners. I sympathise, and as you say it’s something that you won’t beat unfortunately.

  2. Yes – isn’t that the truth. A little lesson on working with, rather than against nature. Because you can control a lot of the conditions in a window box it’s tempting to think you can get away with anything. Then nature gives a sharp reminder of who’s in charge 😀

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