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Seed Trays – Reloaded March 25, 2009

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Seeds IINot one to rest on my laurels (hmmm, laurels!) I’ve started a whole new batch of seeds in the heated prop. I can fit 45 one inch pots in there and I’ve learned from my previous experience  and added a bit of flexibility.

Some seedlings needed transplanted earlier than others (in hindsight, this is of course blatently obvious!) and I had some wasted space for a week or so while I waited for other seeds to germinate. But now with the judicious use of a pair of sharp scissors I’ve cut the plastic pots into sets of ten with one row of five snuck in to make up the numbers – they’re really too unstable in single rows of five so that’s just a last resort to pack the propagator.

With five each taken up with my second chance Marigold, Lobelia and Aster that left me with 30 to try some new plants.

I bought some seeds at the garden centre before the turn of the year and when I made vague plans to start growing from seed I attempted to order them by growing season. Of course I’m completely reliant on the info on each packet so I might end up with everything coming at the wrong time but I know this year is all trial and error.

So next in line were the Impatiens, Brachycome and some Sweet Pea I’d recently succumed to when I visited the local store a couple of weeks back.

Last year I had some pure white Impatiens but these are a mix of reds and oranges, supposedly. The whites were really nice initially and when other plants weren’t doing so well they held their shape well and flowered nicely. As time went on though they got a bit ragged due to the wind and became a bit stringy. I’m sure I’ve read that they work ok in partial shade and as I have one very shady window the plan is to try them there. It might be a long shot but we’ll see how they go.

Brachycome are (is?) a flower that I really like the look of, although we’ll see how they work out in a Scottish summer. I know they’re not really similar but I had some zinnias last year which were daisy-like and they looked really nice until the wind again got hold of them. The hope is with the brachycome being smaller and the amount of other plants I’m going to shoehorn into the box, they might be able to get some protection – or die from lack of water, oxygen and root space!

Putting the Sweet Pea seeds into the last sectionwas a difficult choice. If I’m honest I really want to start the Nasturtiums but I think it’s still a bit early for them. So I went for delayed gratification and will be hoping that I gain a bit of space in the heated prop when it’s time to plant the nasturtiums. Either that or the air temperature will be warm enough to sow them in an unheated space – ok, that might be a long shot!


4 Responses to “Seed Trays – Reloaded”

  1. Glo Says:

    My, you are an industrious soul! Of course, not resting on your laurels has resulted in your plants becoming hardy, ahem! Although I have windowboxes, I haven’t grown many plants from seed. I usually buy small plants when it’s closer to planting time. I’m therefore not much help in offering any experience in the nursery department, however I am most impressed with your success to date. I think some plants need their new growth pinched off so that they will bush out ~ marigolds, for one, but I’m not sure how much growth they have to have first…see, no help at all!

  2. Oh darn it! I’d completely ignored that and have just been letting everything do it’s own thing! Must do some quick research. Thanks for reminding me!
    I lol’d at the Laurel and Hardy gag 😉

  3. OK – as ever, conflicting advice on the pinching of marigolds. I found one website that suggests doing but others than make no mention. Trial and error it is then!

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