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Skipping Seasons March 18, 2009

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A few weeks ago I tried to suggest we were still in mid-winter. A day or so ago I intended to write to say I was officially declaring it spring  (the air lacked the real winter chill for the first time). But hang it all if it hasn’t just decided to leap straight to summer without so much as a pause for spring to happen.

As I’m typing a huge bumblebee has buzzed the tulips. It was so loud I heard it through the closed window (yes – there was a moments panic as I turned to make sure the window was really shut!) and over the yelps of the kids playing out in the back greens. Ok – it may only be a Scottish summer, which means there are still jumpers on and coats not too far away, but it really is a gloriously bright, sunny day.

In response, the window boxes have given me a display to make even the most pessimistic of gardeners smile. The line of bright red tulips, which had bloomed over the last couple of days, took full advantage of the sun and opened wide to collect its rays. They truly were a sight to gladen the heart.

Hopefully I’ll post a bit more over the next couple of days about the rapid expansion of the seed factory (apparently I think I’m running a nursery!) but in the meantime here’s a few more pics of the tulips, crocus and anemone that have made the day such a joy.



Sunny Window Box

The Kiss


3 Responses to “Skipping Seasons”

  1. Glo Says:

    Oh, how lovely 🙂 So nice to see some bright and cheerful blooms enjoying the sunshine, with bees buzzing as well! Glad to hear your nursery is coming along well!

  2. Flighty Says:

    I like the photos! It’s always good to see flowers blooming and bees buzzing after such a long period of near inactivity.
    I know that I shouldn’t say it but don’t be surprised if the weather does change it’s mind again, as it most certainly will!
    It’ll be good to read, and see, how your seeds are going.

  3. @Flighty – I thought it was funny after me preaching about it being winter that it should jump to such a lovely few days. Fortunately I was home to enjoy it but I won’t be taking it for granted. The winter woolies are still in reach!
    @Glo – the colours were such a lovely surprise – I didn’t expect the tulips to be such a bright red and yellow. The sun helped a lot though!!

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