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Seedling watch – week 4 March 6, 2009

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Geranium seedlingsOh, Time Flies! Can it really be Friday already? And I haven’t told you what I did last weekend yet!! Oh well!

So this was the big week. Geraniums with two proper leaves = time to move to bigger pots. No more comfy warm and controlled conditions for them! Out into the partially protected, big bad world of the unheated propagator!!

I thought it would be a simple (ish) job to push each seedling out of their little one inch pot but I’m not good at being delicate. In the end they got more pushing, prodding and squeezing than a … well insert your own crude metaphor here!

I think I sort of read the various bits of advice wrong and ended up knocking (gently) a lot of the earth off from around the tiny root system, but hopefully I won’t have done too much harm.

They were then transplanted into 3 inch pots that had been prepared with some multi-purpose compost. The garden centre were a bit short on soil variety when I was there so I didn’t get a seedling-specific soil, but I wonder if that’s not all a bit of a fraud anyway. I don’t doubt that different stages of growth need different levels of nutrients but it seems like overkill to have six or seven different bags of soil just so they get the EXACT compost. At least if the seedlings fail I know what to blame!

Have a great weekend.


5 Responses to “Seedling watch – week 4”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I’ve always found that transplanting seedlings to be a somewhat hazardous undertaking. People use all sorts of methods and tools, such as knives and spoons.
    As for composts I’d say just use a seed compost to start with then a good multi-purpose one after that.
    Thanks, you too!

  2. Glo Says:

    Your seedlings seem to be coming along nicely! Hopefully they like their larger lodgings 😉

  3. Flighty – yes, I’m not the most delicate so I kept the distance from seed tray to pot as short as humanly possible.
    Glo – more pics to come!
    Thanks to both of you for the comments.

  4. Glo Says:

    Hope things are continuing to grow ~ here the weather has been so fickle that it’s hard to know what to expect next!

  5. Glo – I thought you were supposed to be in a temperate climate with all that gulf stream to keep things warm! We’re having similar weater problems here again. Fickle is exactly the right word.

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