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Told You! March 4, 2009

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Winter returnsNot quite the snowstorm that was billed, but still a sting in the tail for the spring flowers. Think of it as a quiet reminder that it’s not all sunshine and warm weather from here on in.

Yellow & snow

I doubt the snow will do much, if any, damage – and it’ll save me giving the boxes a watering for a few days. They’ve been surprisingly thirsty over the last couple of weeks.

But it’s a timely reminder that there’s a while to go yet before even considering using any of the seedlings that are on the go at the moment.

As the old saying about March goes – in like a lion, out like a lamb. Let’s hope so!A quick dusting


2 Responses to “Told You!”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I thought of you and your window boxes when I saw that it had snowed there!
    Many plants are surprisingly resilient so you shouldn’t get any damage with that light dusting. It’s heavy snowfalls and really hard frosts that you need to watch out for.

  2. I’m hoping the long frosts have been and gone although I’d expect a fair few nights go sub zero before April roles around. In truth I don’t think we’ve had it nearly as bad as the south this year.
    I see your allotment is picking up though. The cold weather will only delay things a little bit now that the days are longer and the plants have got a bit of momentum!

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