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Bulb watch March 3, 2009

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The four ages of crocusSpring is springing and about to get whipped by the sting in winter’s tail. The forecast today is for snow and it’s decidedly chillier than it has been in the last couple of weeks. The dreaded wind has returned as well – I hadn’t noticed how calm it had been over the month. But of course just as the flowers get a bit delicate the wind comes back like a schoolyard bully to knock them around a bit.

The first crocus blooms are taking a bit of a hit at the moment but hopefully they’ll survive long enough for others to join them and give a bit of protection. The winter bedding plants have died back so much that they’re not helping much in that regard.

Elsewhere the tulips are really coming on. They seem to grow a bit taller everyday although they still look some way away from actually flowering. The aconite and anemone are bit harder to see with their darker smaller foliage but they’re progressing well in most places. The buds are swelling up although they too may have a few days to go yet until the really start flowering.

If the cold snap that is forecast comes to fruition then this will knock things back by a few days but hopefully by late March there will be a satisfying amount of flowers across the window sills. Just in time to start thinking about what to do for summer!

Here’s a couple of bonus pictures of the garden.

Crocus armyThe crocus army arise from the muck!

Aconite flowerThe first winter aconite flower competing with the pansies.

Tulips and CyclamenThese cyclamen have stayed in this lovely tight style all the way through winter when all others have gone stringy and suffered frost and wind damage accordingly. The only downside is that they haven’t flowered as profusely as others and I wonder if that’s because of the tulip bulbs stealing all the nutrients.


2 Responses to “Bulb watch”

  1. Glo Says:

    It must be fun to have little gardens at your fingertips! Although I have windowboxes, they are accessed easier from outside. Sorry to hear winter is having a hard time packing it in ~ it’s the same over here. I will have to take some photos of all my purple crocus that have recently braved the elements, and hope no more snow decides to drop! Here’s hoping winter’s sting is negligible!

  2. Thanks Glo. Thankfully with the lighter mornings I get a chance to see them now, otherwise I see more of the flowers in other people’s gardens than I do my own patch!
    Good luck with the walking regime.

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