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Geraniums February 27, 2009

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GeraniumJumping head (feet? hands?) first into gardening-lite last year meant that I hit pretty hard against the steep learning curve, if that’s not too much of a mixed metaphor.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I threw together a whole bunch of flowers last year and left them to sort themselves out. This way I’d see which would work and which wouldn’t.

What did I learn? Well, I might still be figuring that out. As an example of this confusion most of the Lobelia were in a shady area that gets morning sun and they didn’t fare well – except one that really caught hold in autumn and looked lovely until the first frosts came.

So while it seems sensible not to put it there the one success makes me think that if they’re planted earlier they might all have a chance of looking good. Hence, the seed tray has lobelia seeds in it!

The one thing I was really clear on though was that I wanted more colour and more flowers. A window sill nearby had pots of lovely bright red geraniums on it all through summer and into autumn and it looked wonderful. So that’s what settled me on trying geraniums this year and hoping that the ones I saw weren’t artificial!

Hence I now have a seed tray with some sprouting geranium seedlings and all my fingers crossed for success. As always I’m concerned about the effect of the winds but I think I went for a smaller variety (I really should keep track, huh!) or thought that the boxes would be so packed with other plants that there would be a degree of protection there. Whatever happens I hope that the red geraniums (my seeds are mixed, I’m sure) are back on display to brighten the place up again.

So here I am, not even a single spring bulb in bloom yet, already thinking about summer! Does every gardener live three months in the future?!

Photo courtesy of Swami Stream on Flickr.


3 Responses to “Geraniums”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I get the impression that you’ve jumped wholeheartedly into gardening!
    Yes all gardeners most definitely live in the future be it tomorrow or next year!
    My first bulbs, some crocus, bloomed this week.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. IM Swaminathan Says:

    I had these in Bangalore and I miss them 🙂

  3. @Flighty – everything’s new just now so it feels like I’m learning a lot, even when it doesn’t go to plan. I’m sure that will wear off though! Nice to read that you’ve got some blooms to look at now.

    @ IM – thanks for the comment – hopefully I’ll have some photos of my own geraniums to post later in the year.

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