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Seed watch – week 2 February 20, 2009

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Geraniums and othersThis was a picture I took last weekend when the weather had turned mild and thoughts of spring started to seem relevant.

The geraniums on the left have really done nicely so far with eight of the ten coming through although I’m positive one has managed to grow upside down (bottom left if you can make it out). Really, I’m sure I’m not making this up but will try to get a proper photo to prove it!

As for the others, the verbena has had two seeds come through then drop back. The marigold has a couple of seedlings doing ok but maybe they’re a bit stringy. A couple of others seemed to come then stopped.

The lobelia haven’t moved and the aster has one seedling which looks ok.

Overall it’s been more complicated that I thought in terms of balancing moisture, humidity, temperature and light. And as always the watering has been at the root (I think) of the problem. The best thing I did was stand the seed tray in some water to get a bit of capillary action going and let the soil soak in the water. Watering from above seemed fraught with problems given how fragile the seedlings are. I have given them an ocassional misting as well though.

The geraniums have clearly responded to the way I’ve handled this whereas the marigold’s are a bit hit and miss. I can’t discount poor seeds either so in general I’m ok with how things have gone so far.

Geranium – 8 from 10

Verbena – 1 from 10

Marigold – 2 from 10

Lobelia – 0 from 10 (30 seeds though)

Aster – 1 from 5

Tune in for next week’s fascinating instalment!


3 Responses to “Seed watch – week 2”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I guess that you’re hooked! Don’t worry too much though as it’s all part of the joy, and occasional despair, of gardening.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Glo Says:

    Congratulations on your sproutings! I love seeing those first two little leaves popping up ~ each one holds promise of spring. Good for you getting a head start…looking forward to seeing what develops.

  3. Thanks folks – I started a bit early so that when I mess up I still have a chance to try again – before heading off to the garden centre again 😉

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