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Weekend Work February 19, 2009

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Winter PansyAdmit it. You’re fed up looking at different pictures of the same winter pansies, aren’t you. I mean they are nice, and any colour at this time of year can’t be bad? Yes? But, oh, for a little bit of variety. No?

As the cold dark days have progressed the plants have split into two camps. Those that are hardy enough to keep going despite the difficult conditions (see Pansy, Cyclamen, Ivy). And those that have gently and serenely succumbed (hmm, see Pansy, Cyclamen). We won’t make mention of the third lot that didn’t even try a lick! You know who you are!!

So while I’m spending a lot of time ‘thinking‘ about the garden, there’s not really a lot of ‘doing‘ going on. Maybe this is better for all of us. All these plans and no reality to burst in and doom them.

But, no. Soon enough the temperatures will stay comfortably above freezing, the seeds will have sprouted and be looking for a new home and the garden centres will be full of those tempting little bedding plants that are oh so cheap – until you get to the checkout with a trolley full. Really! How much?! Do you take Visa?

Best to put this daydreaming time to good use I think and get those plans written down. Hmmmm!


3 Responses to “Weekend Work”

  1. Flighty Says:

    That’s the trouble with these, hopefully, last few winter weeks! Once spring arrives we’ll have plenty to blog about.
    Until yesterday, when I was plotting most of the day, I’ve been pondering for far too long thanks to unhelpful weather.

  2. Glo Says:

    I think daydreaming is perfect for this time of year! I still like looking at pansies ~ especially when they are snuggled into a window box 🙂

  3. They are still pretty, and they’ve gone a bit crazy with the mild weather this week. They might actually spread the way I was hoping they would do before Christmas!

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