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Bulb Watch February 15, 2009

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Tulip BulbI hate to say I told you so. Well, maybe not. It’s quite nice to be right isn’t it?!It wasn’t that hard to guess correctly though.

As I thought the freeze has stopped the early crocus from being too early, as well as stoping virtually everything else in its tracks. Like the picture on the left, quite a few green shoots poked their heads above the soil to see if the coast was clear. This week they found out that it wasn’t and promptly stopped where they were.

Nobody move – nobody gets hurt!

As I’ve mentioned previously I’m not sure where I planted some things so it’s fun to scan the soil and see if that’s a shoot coming through or just some loose foliage. In particular the anemone blanda (I think!) have popped up in places that have made me look hard to see if they are really making a bid for freedom. Like the stars at night, the more you look the more seem to appear.

I’ve also found that little clumps of shoots have appeared. Now my planting scheme wasn’t that acurate BUT I’m positive that I didn’t put the blulbs that close together. Which means that they must be huddling together for warmth under the frozen soil crust. Isn’t that clever of them! Or maybe I really planted them more carelessly than I thought. Whichever it is I’m looking forward to seeing the groups of crocus when spring really takes hold. The tulips however are much more solitary and are keeping to themselves.


4 Responses to “Bulb Watch”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I got given a bag full of bulbs in December which I planted. It’ll be good if they appear and then seeing just what they are.
    At least you don’t have that problem, and in your window boxes should provide a terrific display!

  2. I like the idea of random planting. My only issue is that I’m fearful of wind damage so I went for smaller varieties. What they actually end up looking like will be a complete mystery though!
    Hope the allotment has thawed out properly by now.

  3. Flighty Says:

    I prefer smaller varieties of daffodils and tulips as they don’t suffer in the rain and wind like the tall ones do.
    The ground here is still waterlogged, which is not surprising as there was the melted snow followed by an inch and a half of rain during Monday last week which is a month’s worth!

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