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Seed Watch February 10, 2009

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From Little Seeds....Oh the excitement. I know, hard to control yourself, isn’t it.

One week in and the first seedlings have poked their heads above the soil. The Geraniums were first to start and  a couple of French Marigolds and Verbena have followed.

They were sown in a one inch square plastic seed tray and there are 45 ‘pots’ in the tray. There might be better fitting trays on the market as I cut a few pots off to make sure it fit the propagator better.

The tally so far:

Geranium – three seedlings

Verbena – one

French Marigold – three (although I think I managed to ruin one with an accidental thumb swipe)

Lobelia – nothing moving (I’ve been reading about just how fiddly they are and might chicken out at a later date!)

Aster – all quiet.

French Marigold seedlingsAs ever the whole process has been more complicated and unpredictable than expected. The heated propagator stays at a comfortable 20 degrees but when put onto the window shelf to get more light it tends to drop to 16 degrees. Is the trade-off (more light, less heat) worth it? Who knows!

Then of course watering has been a bit hit and miss. The top of the soil was looking a bit dry so should I water well, use a mist spray or just leave alone? I’ve tried a bit of all three!

Finally, some advice says keep the propagator lid dry while others don’t mention this at all. Oh, what to do!

Still, the good thing is that, as much as I would like to see plants grown from seed make it all the way to flowering in the windox boxes this summer, there’s always the garden centre if they don’t make it!


One Response to “Seed Watch”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I can assure you that all gardeners feel the same excitement!
    There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve grown plants from seed rather than buying them at a garden centre.

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