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Weekend Work February 8, 2009

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Winter PansyA little bit of colour on a chilly mid-winter day. Yes, I count this as mid-winter. December is rarely as bad as people expect, although the lack of light makes it feel worse. February on the other hand is frequently cold and snowy. Just when people are starting to think of the warmth of spring this can come as a depressing jolt of reality.

If you’re looking for a positive spin on the cold snap then you might want to read this article in The Telegraph online. It basically suggests that there are four seasons for good reason and that the freezing temperatures will be of benefit to your gardens and allotments, helping to harden up bulbs and kill off bugs and disease.

I’m sure this will be of little comfort to many, especially those who are trying to dig into frozen soil. I’m ok with it and intuitively it makes sense to me but then I can reach every square inch of my garden from the comfort of a warm house 🙂

JoelI thought I’d have a bit of tidying up work to do on the boxes this weekend but after a look around (I don’t see them in daylight much at this time of year!) there didn’t seem like much to do. Everything has been hit with the freezing temperatures. Joel (pic on right) had a couple of pansies that have no chance of recovery so they were removed them from the icy soil.

The cyclamen looks scrappy but they might recover and still have nice colourful flowers so they get to stay. The viola is crispy and I would guess that it’s gone but with a decent amount of foliage left and an established root system (it’s been in since summer) there’s no point in removing it until it’s definitely dead.

The other boxes are in limbo at the moment with the first shoots of spring bulbs poking their way through the soil then stopping as soon as the big freeze hit. I assume they’ll be ok but whatever happens it’ll be another bit of gardening education.

As you can see from the first picture one of the pansies has prospered over the winter months, with its yellow (they were meant to be orange!) flowers tumbling over the edge of the box. If only all of the pansy plants I bought had done as well it would be quite a sight. But did they? Nooooooo.


2 Responses to “Weekend Work”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I think that you’re right to call this mid-winter as I’ve seen snow in mid-April!
    A cold winter is certainly good for gardens, if not gardeners, especially after the mild, wet weather through much of last year.
    The bulbs should be okay as they do start and stop with the weather.
    It might have been worth leaving the pansies in the soil and just cutting them back to see if they’d re-grow. The same goes for most plants, although there’s no guarantee that they will!
    It must be good to see a bit of colour as you do at this time of year.

  2. Even nicer to see colour from inside the house!
    After getting a dump of snow last night I have a bit more sympathy for those anxiously waiting to get the spring preparation done.
    At least I won’t have to worry about watering though 🙂

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