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Mornin’ Sun February 4, 2009

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Sunny Ivy

While certain parts of the UK resemble the upper reaches of the Alps we’ve not had it so bad in Scotland. A bit snowy in places but nothing like the foot plus the south east has had.

Frosty Ivy

This morning I noticed that the sun is now sneaking above the houses and shining on Maggie and Joel who both face north-east ish. Neither will have seen direct sunlight since about early November I would think.

Unkempt cyclamen.

It was quite pretty to see the low morning sun glinting off the frosty ivy leaves and making the pink cyclamen glow. Not a bad way to start the day.


4 Responses to “Mornin’ Sun”

  1. Flighty Says:

    That’s a good way to help start off any day, and especially at this time of year.
    There’s more colour there than I saw on the plot this morning!

  2. northernwindowgardener Says:

    We haven’t had anything like the snowfall the south of the UK has had. And these being next to a nice cosy flat rather than out in the woods, probably helps as well.

  3. daffy Says:

    Hello, I called over from Flighty’s place to say hi as I was being nosey and I wondered how far North you were… I see now you are in Scotland. So a little further up than me. (I’m in Durham)
    I loved reading about “The Cast” . You have them all down to a ‘T’ I think. (Shelly, perky and down to earth, made me laugh out loud, we could all do with a Shelly in our lives!)

  4. northernwindowgardener Says:

    Ah, the cast! It seemed like such a good idea at first but it might be a bit complicated now. Matching plants together is bad enough without thinking about their personality too 😉

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