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Green Shoots January 22, 2009

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Early Early Tulip

There is some doubt about whether they’re appearing in the economy but here’s photographic evidence that they’re definitely in the window box. Who says I can’t be topical!

When I planted the bulbs I got a bit lazy and didn’t write tags for them all. Then I pretty quickly forgot what went where. Then I swapped a couple of boxes around. When spring finally comes it’s going to be something of a surprise about what grows where. Let’s hope it’s a nice surprise though.

These green shoots are from tulips – red I think – and the only ones I properly tagged. The mild Scottish weather has obviously encouraged them and it just goes to show that when all is quiet on the surface, there’s plenty going on down below. So there’s a little bit of encouragement for all of you with proper gardens.

Edit 25th Jan: After seeing the pic on the Guardian’s Gardening Blog (fourth pic down) I’d guess these shoots are the early crocus (crocuses? crocii?) rather than the tulips – which makes a lot more sense.

I know tulips are meant to be quite hardy but I do fear for them when the inevitable freezing temps return probably in February, just as they’re about to try and flower. Not that I’m at all pessimistic, of course.

I may have mentioned previously (you don’t expect me to read as well as write this do you?!)  there are some Winter Acconite, Anemone Blanda and  Crocus Ladykiller. The Acconite and Crocus are supposed to flower around February or March and given the northern latitude, and the propensity of marketing types to stretch the truth, I thought that everything might look nice in April. But now I’m on ‘shoot watch’ and confess to just a little bit of nervous excitement and apprehension at how these fragile plants will fare.


2 Responses to “Green Shoots”

  1. Flighty Says:

    You’ll probably get more enjoyment not knowing what’s where! Many bulbs are hardy and tend to fare well regardless of any adverse weather.
    I’ve lots of bulbs on the plot and like you am looking forward to seeing them appear!

  2. northernwindowgardener Says:

    Totally agree. I like the surprise – especially as I can’t seem to tell the shoots of one plant from another!

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